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Additional Services

Additional Services Offered:

Almost everyone is aware of the importance of a financial plan. That said, not everyone implements one. It is hard to accomplish a financial plan without a professional strategy. It is necessary to set goals on the basis of what you desire. However, setting a goal is one thing and implementing it is another all together. Therefore, when it comes to financial planning, the first step is to set the goal and next step is to set up the budget which would aid in its attainment.

It is necessary to cut expenses to start with. Creating an emergency fund can go along way during times of emergency. It is essential that a small part of savings is used towards your financial wellbeing. There is one important factor to keep in mind and that is to keep the goals realistic. A financial planner is an expert at doing this and their advice is usually Worth listening too.

College Planning

Are you thinking about helping your children with their college education, or maybe you’re thinking of going back to school yourself. Either way, Heritage Financial Planning can help you get started.

Thinking about and being able to save for college is a daunting task for almost everyone, whether it’s your children you are saving for, another relative, or you are heading back to school yourself. Certain aspects of financial planning isn’t something you need to undertake on your own. That is why Heritage Financial Planning is here, to help you.

Edward Cohen, MBA, CFP will help guide you through every aspect of your college planning. The process begins by defining your educational needs and whether or not you may be eligible for financial aid or scholarships. He will walk you through all expenses that need to be taken into consideration from tuition to books to housing costs and transportation. If you are a homeowner, maybe you want to borrow against home equity but aren’t sure how to go about it or even if it’s possible. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration in regards to college planning, but you don’t have to do it alone. Edward Cohen, MBA, CFP will get you on the right path.

Tax Preparation

No one likes to prepare their taxes. It’s not fun. That is unless you are part of Heritage Financial Planning. Edward Cohen MBA, CFP likes to prepare taxes.

Are you ready for tax season? Do you have everything you need to get your forms filed on time? If you’re like most people, you’ve put off sitting down with the dreaded tax forms for as long as possible. So why put yourself through that when you don’t have to. Tax preparation is what we do here at Heritage Financial Planning and it’s something We are good at. So let us take the burden from you. Let us prepare your taxes.

Edward Cohen MBA, CFP knows that nothing is more unsettling than receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service. That is why he doesn’t expect you to do it alone. Heritage Financial Planning offers IRS representation to help you in the event you receive notice or are audited. Edward will work with you to collect all the necessary documents and communicate with the IRS on your behalf. With his expertise in the tax field, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands and that he will use his expertise to reach a resolution that is satisfactory.

Investment Planning

Are you thinking of investing but aren’t sure if now is the best time or what the best areas are to invest your money in? Heritage Financial Planning will talk you through the process and help you every step of the way.

As with everything, there is a risk when it comes to investing. That is one aspect of investing that cannot be avoided. But there is still a possibility to have peace of mind and that is what Edward Cohen MBA, CFP will help you with. He will walk you through the different areas of risk, and help you to stay within the level of risk that you are okay and comfortable with.

What do you want your portfolio to look like? What are your goals and why are you investing? Do you have a time frame in mind where you would like to see some returns on your investment? And again, but a very important one, what is your risk tolerance? These are not only the questions you have to ask yourself, but when you sit down with Edward he can help you with your allocation strategy to ensure that you are heading in the right direction with your investment planning.

Retirement Plans

Retirement is something that affects everyone, it’s not something that you can avoid. But what you can avoid is being caught with not enough money to live on if you don’t plan early enough.

The last thing anyone thinks about in their teens, early 20s, or even in their 30s is retirement. But you should be. Aging and retirement is a given, but what do you do? Do you keep you money in a Savings account, buy RRSPs, bonds? And how much will you need to have saved by retirement so that you can live comfortably How much you need to save depends on three things: Your age, your lifestyle, and what kind, if any, federal government benefits you are entitled to.

Edward Cohen MBA, CFP is here to help so that you don’t get caught off guard. He will help you set goals. He will help you calculate what you need to live off of and therefore how much you need to save. And he will help you choose the best investment in order to make it all happen. Let Edward help you plan how to manage your money so that you can make the most out of your retirement.

Life and Health Insurance

It’s a fact that an illness or disability in the United States can be devastating for a family, especially financially, which is why having good life insurance and health insurance is so important.

Insurance is an important aspect of any solid financial plan. Don’t get caught with unexpected medical bills that you don’t know where you’ll get the money to pay, or find yourself on disability and unable to financially care for yourself or your family. At Heritage Financial Planning, Edward Cohen MBA, CFP will help with financial planning to so that you won’t have to struggle if you suddenly take ill.

Edward will help you determine what type of health and life insurance you need based on whether or not you are married, have children, and your age. Determining what types of insurance you need to consider, the government’s limitations in long-term care, and how insurance needs may change over time is also something he is there to help with. No one wants to think that their illness or an illness of a family member could have catastrophic effects on a family, but it can and it does happen. This is where Edward Cohen MBA, CFP comes in. Let him help you plan for the right types of life insurance and health insurance that will let you sleep at night with no worries.